Gazing Balls

April 25, 2007


When the Spanish colonised South America, they introduced many household artefacts to the New World, one of which was the Gazing Ball. The coloured glass Gazing Balls were purely ornamental by day, but after sunset became an integral part of the house’s evening life. When placed beside or in front of a candle, they would reflect and amplify the light, thereby adding colour and atmosphere to the colonist’s rustic home. At formal dinners the balls were placed in the centre of the table so that servants could see reflected from them, which guest required more food or wine. After dinner one of the older family members might amuse the party by gazing into the coloured orbs to “see” the future.

Now you can add a little of this old world charm and atmosphere to your home, with one of Blue Door’s genuine South American gazing balls. Decorative and fun we guarantee. The gift of prophecy …. well … you are on your own with that one!!


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